productive investment in the

future of humanity

Even our growth has a purpose in Feryanti Studios! With our growth we work together for a better tomorrow!


Social Practices

We Serve & Grow to Take Action in Decisions That Define Our Existance

It comes down to everyone on the planet to make sure to keep human progress result and maintain a positive outcome. One of our core principals is based upon making a difference through social practices. Feryanti Studios is all about rich life goals more than just a mere business offering services for profit.

Our goals are measured by how much of a positive impact can be done through our services in different sectors of everyones life. We put good effort in environmental, humanitarian, educational & scientific fields. With hope & determination that we can even do more as we grow with our services & products.

We invest our efforts in social practices through practicing positive habits in our work environment and sharing our profits with causes that in time can change a life or even save one. 

We love to hear from our visitors and clients on new ways to get better in our practices or even introduce new idea to our strategy. Feel free to drop us an email or chat with us, if you would like to participate. We are always on the lookout for new ideas or partnership to improve our practices.



How Well We Take Care Of Our Environemtn, Defines Who We Are


Eco-friendly Technology

In our offices we try to use the most eco-friendly technologies to deliver our services. We sincerely consider recycling our old hardware to replace with up to date technology. As an example, we use Apple Technologies that practices such Eco-friendly strategies.


One Client One Tree

For every client that we establish a relationship with, we  plant one seed that will grow into a tree. Trees help maintain many environmental factors of our planet; a move to work together towards an eco-friendly future.


1% Of Profits Goes To Earth

1% of our profits from any project we completly finish will be donated to environmental programs and organizations. We offer our clients to choose their program or organization that they prefer to donate to.


Free To Eco Organizations

We appreciate the efforts from environmental organizations trying to save our planet from any disastrous future. So we want to be part of that effort and help them by offering our services and skills for free.


10% Discount For Eco Clients

To encourage a greener world, if a client provides us with proof of their green activities they will be eligible to obtain a 10% discount. It is our way of saying thank you for joining our movement in keeping our planet beautiful and sustainable for future generations.


Recycling Programs

Within our work environment we continually practice recycling and also encourage our clients to recycle any materials efficiently. We have also implemented practices for our clients to recycle through us, simply provide us with the recyclable materials and we take care of it all.



What is The Point Of Successand Career if we Have No Good Social Future?


Sharing is Caring

Our efforts are heavily invested in offering services to the ones who are less unfortunate. We continually develop new charity strategies that we implement into our services or offers. We are also constantly looking to find new ways to get better at sharing.


4% Goes To Charity

We donate 4% of our profit to local charity organizations. The donations are being practiced throughout the whole year. Upon sale of any product or completion of any service, 4% will be donated from the resulting payments profit.


Free To Charity

Charity organizations are free to contact us to request our service free of charge by providing legal proof of their authenticity. Their application will be processed to decide whether they are eligible for our free services. Once they are approved, they are offered with any design and development services for free.


Discounts To Sharing Clients

Clients who share and make an effort in chairty are given a special discount to encourage them in their practice. Proper documentation is required for such discounts. Clients will also have extra assistance to help in accomplishing their charity goals if requested from us.


Charity Campaigns

Throughout the year, we try our best helping charity events to raise funds for any crisis campaigns around the world. Whether it is through an art gallery or an entertainment event fundraiser, whatever it may be, we are always keen to help!


Sponsor an Orphan

With every client that signs a long term service package or contract, we will use 5% of their payments and donate it to orphan sponsorship programs through local charity organizations. We are also open to any suggestions to improve our efforts in this category.

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