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Our Approach

Enquiry, Initial Proposal, Guideline Prices, Project Specification, Design Phase

Development Phase, Testing, Feedback & Amends, Go Live!

1 enquiry

Step1: This is where you contact us & let us know about your project. You can communicate with us through Email, MSN, Skype or Gtalk . Take your pick & we will be happy to serve. 

2 proposal

Proposal & Price
Step2: After we know about your project, we study your request and send you a well considered proposal. With it comes the the cost of your project & the time it will require.

3 project_detail

Project Details
Step3: This is where the clock starts ticking. We start talking about your project in detail & write take note. Then jump start our skills to create a professional plan for your project. 

4 design_phase

Design Phase
Step4: Now we begin what we enjoy the most. Designing sketches & creating concepts for your project. This is where our creativity is at maximum for you and only you.

5 development_phase

Step5: A long side the design phase comes the actual development . Be it in coding or real life application of the project.  Here is where your project take shape for the real world.

6 feedback

Feedback & Amends
Step6: We communicate again & present you with your project. If it fits you, we move on. If there is some adjustments, we go over it and ge it right, the way you want it.

7 go_live

Go Live!
Step7: This is the part you've been waiting for.
Where your project comes to the world to achieve your desired goals!
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