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We get personal here at Feryanti  Studios and we aim for a long term relationship with our clients. The best place to start working with us is knowing who your working with. Read about us , surf around and if you still have questions about us, please feel free to contact us and let us get to know you.




Who We Are

Creative, Passionate, Open Minded, Friendly, Family, Inspiring & Productive

Feryanti Studio is founded to be a new approach to a unique design and development solutions platform. We work to achieve goals in business and social results through quality services. We are a team of professionals with vast experiences in design, development and media industries. Our different backgrounds and industry origins is one of many values that differentiates us as a quality brand and design service. Our web design and development solutions, which is what we originally specialized in, has achieved positive, expressive and successful outcomes through our past years.

Our skills keep growing with deep roots in successful experiences, making our services a ticket to achieving productive goals in a clients' project.



Brief History

The Challenges We Accepted is What Shaped Us To Who We Are Today

Feryanti Studio is the successful result to what used to be a freelancer service portal in web design and development. After the foundation in 2004, the growing success lead to joint ventures in projects with other freelancers to eventually form a strong team that makes us who we are today. Today, our team consists of members in many countries representing and offering our services and solutions.



Our Growth

Tough Challenges Are Nothing More Than An Ingredient To Our Growth Recipe

Growing in the market is helping us introduce our own new and innovative services and solutions to our clients. With our growth progress comes a constant change in our professional services to deliver the right message to the world. We are investing a good portion of our plans and strategy to get better in our long-term relationship with our clients. Leading us to adapt better and creative approach to get better at what we do.

The world of digital design and development solutions has become quite generic, however at Feryanti Studio we strive to differentiate ourselves and continuously challenge the status quo. We are motivated to improve our skills by maintaining the quality in our projects.



The Road Ahead

Quality Is One Step Towards Our Goals In Finding Better Ways To Serve You

We aim to empower and enrich our clients through achieving positive success in our projects. Our passion in our work is visioned to reach and grow into more than just a business in design and development. Setting goals ahead for our work to be part of a productive evolution in the communities and societies around the world. We have a passion in growing with our clients to a common ground to achieve better outcomes in the road ahead. Learn more about part of our passion to a unique and productive future through our social practices.

Get in touch with us today and take the first step on to a path of quality services and solutions. Never say no, and let us say yes to your requirements. With us, you get to prepare your self for a strategic media success.


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Feryanti Studio is a success and growing thanks to our clients world wide

We aim to build new relationships through new opportunities


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