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What is Social Media?


Social Media or Social Networking is the primary technology that have been changing the face of the Internet into what is popularly described as "Web 2.0". Until recently, the majority of the Internet was a very one-way conversation. Like traditional books, just in electronic format, the Internet was speaking at its readers. There were limited opportunities for the visitors to these websites to have an immediate impact on the message. There were opportunities to share something note worthy with your friends through the "email this" links, or even emailing a page to someone. However,consider that these conversations occurred in a tunnel. Emails you send go straight from you to the recipient(s).No other visitor to that website will receive the hot update of your

Social Media is creating a space that enables every person with even the most limited understanding of basic computer functions to become a publisher. Waves of new tools have given every Internet user a microphone if they so chose to use it. Social networking tools enable their users to stay connected, without email, to share as much or as little as they want, and enable each users' contacts to hear as much or as little from them as they choose.


Why invest in having a social media strategy?


Simple Answer: Make it EASY for people to Know You & Contact You!

A Marketing fact for businesses and project is that the easier you make interaction for someone, the more likely they are to take advantage of it. Our experience convinced us that half the secret to creating a successful business is making it easy for people to do business with you. That being said, it's easier to post an interesting article to Facebook, Teitter or Tumblr and share it with 500 friends, than it is to call 500 people and tell them how much you loved a service or a product that you've experienced. 

Social Media & Networking provides amplified connections between your target audience. They speed information gathering and sharing. They enable the progressions toward true real-time information. Web 2.0 opens the Internet to a new level of communication, creating opportunities for businesses or projects that are prepared to join the social crowd. 


What are some of the major reasons to use Social Technologies?


 1. Most of your targeted audience is spending their time on social networks -  Depending on people to stumble upon your product through direct searches is no longer sufficient to compete in the market.You need to reach outside the circle and grab those individuals who are not actively looking, but could be interested to look if the right relationship is formed and the right opportunity comes along. 

2. Strengthen Your Public Relations Online - The goal of some strategies is to create focus around what your company or project is about and what you offer - Getting people to talk about you and getting them to share what you're doing with their friends. This sharing offers the potential to reach people several"degrees of separation" away from you, increasing the chance it will reach a potential buyer or participant.

3. Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Greatly - Search engines are effectively active around  content on social platforms.One way search engines determine how a website should rank in search results is by a calculation of credibility. The more instances of links to your website elsewhere on the Internet, the more "credibility" your site is perceived to have. Having a presence in these social spaces will result in an increased number of links back to your company website.


What exactly is Feryanti Studios' role in social media?


It isn't just about getting paid to spend time on social networks all day (though we do admit that is one part of our role) – there is actually a lot of hard work involved in what we do.

We need to think and become innovative, and stay up to date with the latest developments, which require a good time invested on a daily basis. We also have to keep high standards and maintain quality in managing projects and interpret insights and often work closely with various parties who don't always understand social networks basic features.

We need to be able to understand the relevant target market or audience and learn how to find, engage them and what language to use to deliver your message right. Not to mention, we need to create interesting, exciting campaigns and/or competitions to drive and maintain traffic and participation. Where ultimately, the end goal is to generate leads and/or revenue.

A big impacting role that we also have in social media is designing and developing your brand or identity. Customizing your pages that become a beautiful and clear welcoming platform that is a gateway to what you can do to your visitors.

Believe us when we say, it isn't always best to hire your best friend's son - qualifications and experience still count and will make a big difference in your outcome in social media.

We have devised and implemented social strategies for a number of businesses and individuals a like, across a diverse range of industries and backgrounds, from small start-ups to artists and  Charity Campaigns. We can safely tell you that when social media is done right, it can deliver great results and even a higher return on investment that traditional marketing channels.

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